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We create the technology to bind the world, in a responsible way. Together. We invent, design, and deploy technologies that makes a real difference to every individuals, and take responsibility for the impact we can make in the world with sustainability.

This day, we are a fundamentally unique company, with perhaps the broadest product portfolio in our location. From the enabling (IOT) Internet of Things, to emerging applications in Virtual Reality (VR), Augment Reality (AR), (RPC)  Robotics Programing Codes and Digital health related tech , we are molding the future of technology. I am humbled and pleased to say that, in fact, our combinations provided the opportunity to apply the best practices to our company to deliver a robust sustainability platform.

Dedication remains an important foundation for our business. Aligned with our renewed corporate strategy as well as our brand commitments, our work is driven by performance as well as our deep commitment to ethics and integrity. Our activities focus on four priority areas: improving individuals with technology, protecting the environment, conducting our business with integrity, and respecting our own people. We measure progress of our efforts against the highest standards, those frameworks which are recognized globally for sustainability. Let me share some highlights, and you can then find more detail in the rest of this report.

Earning recognition as an industry leader isn’t enough, however. As we move into 2019 and beyond, we remain ever more committed to leveraging our strong global presence to improve lives through technology. Accordingly, we have set our most aggressive sustainability targets to date through to 2023 for our top sustainability focus areas. I’d like to mention one of these targets.
With a focus on making a positive long-term impact and fulfilling the global climate change targets set by the United Nations, we recently signed the Science Based Targets initiative commitment letter. In addition to setting long-term goals through to 2023, this commitment requires submission of our yearly emissions reduction targets and annual third party validation. This is significant to say the least, and the fact that we are one of the companies to sign testimony to our unwavering support in the fight against global warming.

Finally, I would like to thank our WFd team for their work in enabling us to achieve our leading sustainability performance in 2021. It is proof of the talent, innovation, and drive for excellence in everything we do.

Thank you for your interest in WFd Technologies Private Limited sustainability efforts.
Warm regards,

Shankar Karthikeyan.M
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