Our Commitments

WFd Technologies is focused on creating a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to prosper.


Advocating for an inclusive society

Building thriving communities

Creating tools that enrich lives

Conditions Equality and Participation

Promoting a sense of belonging in which everyone can thrive

At WFd Technologies Private Limited , diversity, inclusion and belonging are valued at our core. We empower our associates to do great work by creating an inclusive culture—that values diverse perspectives, fosters collaboration and encourages innovative ideas—and a place where associates of all backgrounds can thrive by bringing their most authentic selves to work.

Technology at WFd Technologies

Using technology to change tomorrow and beyond

WFd Technologies Private Limited was founded with an understanding that technology can and will change our lives easy. In 2018, we began redefining how tech works at WFd Technologies so we could move fully to isolation for Data Security. Today, we’re using machine learning, open source and cloud technology to develop tools that help us prevent fraud, make actions simpler and better manage the cloud.

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